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ROTC cadets enjoy a wide range of activities in and out of the classroom.


Freshman Class and Laboratory

MSL 1101/1102-01 Foundations of Officership
These courses form the core of the freshman year curriculum. MSL 1101 and 1102-01 provide the framework for officership in a classroom setting.
MSL 1101L/1102L-01 Foundations of Officership Lab
MSL 1101L and 1102L-01 teach hands-on skills such as marching and map reading in a laboratory setting.

Sophomore Class and Laboratory

MSL 2201/2202-01 Individual Leadership Studies-Teamwork
These courses form the core of the sophomore year curriculum. MSL 2201 and 2202-01 provide the focus on leadership and management theory.
MSL 2201L/2202L-01 Individual Leadership Studies-Teamwork Lab
MSL 2201L and 2202L-01 teach hands-on skills such as land navigation and small unit tactics in a laboratory setting.

Junior Class and Laboratory

MSL 3301/3302 Leadership and Problem Solving
MSL 3301/3302-01 form the core of the junior year curriculum. They focus on military tactics at the platoon level and lower. Cadets learn how to conduct operations such as reconnaissance, ambushes, and attacks. Students also participate in the Leadership Development Program where their abilities to lead are evaluated.
MSL 3301/3302 Leadership and Problem Solving Lab
MSL 3301L/3302L-01 allow Cadets to practice the small unit tactics learned during class.

Senior Class and Laboratory

MSL 4401/4402-01 Leadership and Management
Senior students study operations in the contemporary military environment. They discuss current Army operations, policies, learn mentorship techniques and plan and conduct training instruction for all Cadets.
MSL 4401L/4402L-01 Leadership and Management Lab
Senior Cadets serve as instructors for younger Cadets during this time.

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