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ROTC cadets enjoy a wide range of activities in and out of the classroom.


Is participating in ROTC the same as "joining" the military?

Not at all. ROTC is a series of elective college courses, which you can begin your freshman year with no military obligation. Taking a Military Science course is similar to taking any other class on campus.

When does my participation in ROTC begin to incur a military service obligation?

For most students itís the start of your junior year of college. This is when you decide whether or not you want to pursue a commission in the Army. At this time you would sign a contract with the US Army. This applies to two-year scholarship students and all non-scholarship students in the program. A three-year or four-year scholarship winner becomes obligated at the start of their sophomore year.

How much time do I owe the Army if I complete ROTC and become an officer?

It depends on whether you receive an active duty or a reserve commission, and whether you are a recipient of a scholarship. See the list below for the duty obligations connected with each situation:
  • Active Duty Commission for a scholarship position is four years, six years for a reserve commission
  • Active Duty commission for a non-scholarship position is three years, six years for a reserve commission

What scholarships are available to incoming freshmen or transfer students?

There are 4-year, 3-year and 2-year scholarships available to qualified students. As an incoming student you are eligible for any of the three scholarships but must be selected for it. For more information on applying for a scholarship, contact us.

Can only scholarship winners enroll in ROTC

Anyone can enroll in ROTC. And regardless of whether you're a scholarship winner or not, all ROTC books, supplies and equipment are furnished at no cost to you.

Is ROTC like Basic Training?

No, it is not like Basic Training at all. At ROTC you are an Army cadet, where motivated, academically and physically qualified college students are trained to become Army Officers. The training methodology and standards are entirely different than traditional Basic Training.