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Army Internships

Army ROTC has a number of paid summer internships for current and prospective Cadets. These are an excellent way to prepare yourself professionally for a career with the Army.

Army ROTC Basic Camp

Many current college students feel like they 'missed' their opportunity to join ROTC. LTC is a way for current college students to begin participating in our program as late as their Junior year. Army ROTC Basic Camp is a four-week course that will develop your leadership skills, and allow you immediate entry into the ROTC Advanced Course. Army ROTC Basic Camp is divided into three phases: Soldier First, Warrior Leader, and Bold Leader. The Soldier first phase will immerse you in the Army lifestyle as you learn the basic soldier skills necessary for you to complete the course. Developing teamwork is a big part of this phase, and the precursor to any training in leadership. The Warrior Leader Phase will begin your training in field skills. Training will include topics such as marksmanship, orienteering, rappelling and water survival. During the Bold Leader phase you will begin to lead your team through practical exercises. Army ROTC Basic Camp is open to college students that are not currently enrolled in ROTC. For more information on Army ROTC Basic Camp, click here.

CTLT/DCLT Internships

Cadet Troop Leader Training and Drill Cadet Leader Training are three and four weeks respectively. Each of these internship opportunities offers our students the ability to work closely with a current Army Officer. Our Cadets have participated in these internships with a wide array of units throughout the Army including Initial Entry Training, Signal Corps and Special Forces. These internships can involve airborne operations and overseas travel. These internships allow students to see what everyday life is like in the Army as well as learn valuable skills, which will help them with their career following graduation. CTLT/DCLT internships are available to Advanced Course students that have completed the Leadership Development Assessment Course.

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Degree, Research or Specialty Internships

There are a number of degree, research or specialty internships available to ROTC Cadets depending on their degree. Visit U.S. Army Cadet Command for the most up-to-date information on these various opportunities.

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